In 2018, the gross demand of the official Van Gogh Museum webstore increased dramatically by 64% compared to the budget, from € 500K to € 820K. Demand rose by nearly 100% compared to 2017 (€ 416K in 2017 vs. € 820K in 2018). Sales in primarily the licensed and POD product categories increased significantly in 2018. The average order value (AOV) rose to € 87. In 2018, the webstore ended the year in the black for the first time in its history.

27% of all orders were generated in the Netherlands. 73% of all orders in 2018 were generated outside of the Netherlands. In terms of conversion, the leading countries outside of the Netherlands are the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France and Italy. Referral traffic from the museum website is responsible for 42% of all orders in the webstore vangoghmuseum.nl/en.