Vans x Van Gogh Museum

For our successful collaboration with licensing partner Vans, we combined iconic Van Gogh artworks with iconic Vans items. The Vans x Van Gogh Museum collection therefore took Van Gogh’s art ‘Off The Wall’ and allowed us to reach and inspire a new audience outside the museum’s walls.

The launch of the Vans collection in August resulted in significant growth in visitor numbers to the VGM site, record sales in the webstore, the most viewed Instagram posts ever in terms of reach and engagement, and 20,000 new Instagram followers. And in Google Trends, the search term most often combined with ‘Van Gogh’ in the past year was ‘Vans’ and ‘Vans Collection’. In fact, the collaboration with Vans filled the complete top-5 of searches with ‘Van Gogh’.

The collaboration with Vans also resulted in an overwhelming amount of media attention, much of which was also in alternative media that generally do not focus on art and culture.